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Guest Post: Dave Chitester – Why I Started Florida Funders Network

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Dave Chitester is a successful Florida entrepreneur who has moved to the forefront of the Florida startup community with the founding of Florida Funders, LLC.  Florida Funders is a new way to connect Florida startups to capital. Here, Dave shares the story of how he came to build...

Guest Post: How Hacking Insurance Could Save Your Brand.

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SavvyCard is excited to launch our new Guest Blogging series, which will let us showcase great business insights on networking, referral marketing, and relationship building.  If you’re interested in contributing, please contact David Z. Morris. Our first Guest Post is from...

The Coke Journey and Controlling Your Marketing Message With SavvyCard

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At Social Smartblogs, Andy Sernovitz has a post up about Coca-Cola’s home page, the Coca Cola Journey.  The site is a platform for Coke to tell their stories directly to audiences – and part of our goal with SavvyCard is helping brands and companies accomplish exactly the same...

Yelp’s Fake Review Problem, (or) Why Online Reviews Won’t Save The World.

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To anyone properly cynical about the internet, it’s probably no surprise that marketers and businesses have been actively spamming fake reviews to Yelp – but what is surprising is that the New York Attorney General conducted a major sting operation to identify and fine businesses...

44 Per Cent of Mobile Auto Searches End in Purchase

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Mobile Marketing Magazine just published some survey results and a great infographic that are (Bond Villian Voice) veeeeery iiiiiiinteresting.  The information seems to be sourced in the U.K., but the stats speak to global trends.  Some key points: 72% of car shoppers used some...