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The Coke Journey and Controlling Your Marketing Message With SavvyCard

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At Social Smartblogs, Andy Sernovitz has a post up about Coca-Cola’s home page, the Coca Cola Journey.  The site is a platform for Coke to tell their stories directly to audiences – and part of our goal with SavvyCard is helping brands and companies accomplish exactly the same...

Yelp’s Fake Review Problem, (or) Why Online Reviews Won’t Save The World.

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To anyone properly cynical about the internet, it’s probably no surprise that marketers and businesses have been actively spamming fake reviews to Yelp – but what is surprising is that the New York Attorney General conducted a major sting operation to identify and fine businesses...

44 Per Cent of Mobile Auto Searches End in Purchase

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Mobile Marketing Magazine just published some survey results and a great infographic that are (Bond Villian Voice) veeeeery iiiiiiinteresting.  The information seems to be sourced in the U.K., but the stats speak to global trends.  Some key points: 72% of car shoppers used some...