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SavvyCard CEO David Etheredge Talks with Greg Robertson of Vendor Alley

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You know you’ve made it in real estate tech when you do a Pod Cast with Greg Robertson of Vendor Alley. And so, we’re elated to announce that our CEO, David Etheredge, has officially arrived. David recently sat down with Greg to record Listing Bits Episode...
SavvyCard for Speakers is a great business tool for Professional Speakers

SavvyCard for Speakers

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For professional speakers, promotion of personal brand is paramount to creating new business opportunities. Most professional speakers have probably handed out hundreds, if not thousands, of business cards to extend the reach and visibility of their brand and to make connections...

Building Better Business Relationships

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Growing a small business was simpler in the past: Build a good product or offer a good service, come up with a catchy tagline, and advertise in the local newspaper. There were few other channels available to local businesses that successfully and inexpensively reached new...
SavvySigns Makes it Easy to Get Instant Home Information

SavvySigns™ Launches in its First Market: North Carolina’s Triad MLS

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What is SavvySigns? SavvySigns™ is a simple text-back system (Text HOME to 72889) that generates more leads from an Agent’s “For Sale” sign and keep customers from being “hijacked” by listing portals. Watch this video and read the official press release to learn more. SavvySigns...

Tom Scaglione Grew His Business 20%

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Tom Scaglione, e-PRO, has been a REALTOR® since 1987 and has been involved in both state and national leadership with NAR, FAR and numerous MLS committees. Prior to that he was a certified residential designer with the Florida Residential Designer’s Association for more than 20...

How to Build a $3M Rolodex

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Calculating What a Rolodex is Worth According to a recent Gartner study, every person in your address book is potentially worth $1,000 in future business value. If you have 3,000 contacts, that means your rolodex (or whatever digital equivalent you use) could be worth $3,000,000....

Increase Trusted Referrals

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Trusted Referrals are The Most Powerful Marketing Tool, Period. So Why Aren’t You Tracking and Leveraging Them? Great networkers know which of their contacts are sending them great referrals, and they cultivate those connections to grow their businesses. Some companies use robust...

Content is Key

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Build stories to sell residential properties It is becoming more evident in an increasingly crowded real estate market that branding is the best way to stand out from the pack. In the recent article “Playbook: How Content Marketing Solves A Real Problem for Real Estate”, Forbes...

How SavvyCard & Referral Marketing Work Hand-in-Hand

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Think about how often this happens to you: You’re at a social event and are introduced to another person by someone you mutually know. This person finds out what you do and says, “Oh hey, I need your service,” or “Oh hey, I need your product.” You hand them your business card and...

Why Customer Support Should be your New Sales Model

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Live support (phone, chat) is increasingly being phased out by companies in favor of systems that require – or highly encourage – their customers to self-support when they have questions or need help. As a result, more people than ever are using self-support to find...