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SavvyCard® is a Lead Development Platform.


With SavvyCard, everything you need is in one place. Easily and effectively reach new people through your existing networks and through social media platforms with compelling tools and content. Turn prospects into customers and customers into referral partners to increase revenue for your business.



SavvyCard offers solutions for real estate professionals, business professionals, and groups.

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If you're a real estate agent, broker or MLS executive, learn more about SavvyCard for Real Estate, a suite of powerful tools for generating new leads and referrals.

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If you're a business professional looking to generate new leads and referrals, learn more about SavvyCard for Business, a cool digital tool that is part business card, part website and all about lead generation and capture.

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Turn your group into a sales force to be reckoned with! Learn more about SavvyCard for Groups. With additional tools and features that leverage your group's relationships, you'll supercharge lead and referral generation.

A Sample of the Amazing People Who Embrace SavvyCard

David Bennett

Real Estate Association CEO &
SavvyCard for Real Estate User
Bonnie Strickland

Bonnie Strickland

Real Estate Broker/Owner &
SavvyCard for Real Estate User

Karyn Roeling

Business Owner &
SavvyCard for Business User

Chuck Gilmore

Voice Coach &
SavvyCard for Business User

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