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Pinellas REALTOR® Organization and SavvyCard® announce RE-Target to solve industry-wide member communications problem.

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"RE-Target™ improves member communications by delivering relevant content at the right time, to the right audience based on their anticipated needs ..."

Your Calls Are Getting Ignored … By A Machine

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The iOS 13 update and what it means for you Apple’s iOS 13 update is already decreasing your conversion rates, and your sales will continue to decline if you don’t adjust your current strategies. On September 19, 2019, Apple introduced a “Silence Unknown Callers” feature that...
SavvyCard®’s platform is designed to automate mass deployment of Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) using inputs from large data sets.

Mass Deployment of Progressive Web Applications

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SavvyCard®’s platform is designed to automate mass deployment of Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) using inputs from large data sets. For example, the SavvyCard for Real Estate™ product includes automatically generated web applications for individual real estate agents, for...

SavvyCard’s Newest Feature Links Desktop and Mobile

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SavvyCard’s web app makes it easy to connect with people on mobile, but what if a customer researching a business on a desktop or laptop decides to get up and go there? For most browsers, the transition away from desktop still means writing an address on a scrap of paper or...

Comscore: Nearly HALF of all Real Estate Web Visits are Mobile.

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Inman’s writeup is a little convoluted, so here is our simplified take: in new research released last week, Comscore has shown that, across all sites and within each network (Zillow, Trulia, Move, etc.), something roundabout 40% of total unique visits were on mobile....

National Association of Realtors: Homebuyers under 50 find homes with mobile search – and Realtors with referrals.

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Inman reported last week on a NAR study showing that the majority of homebuyers under 50 used a mobile application to search for a home.  Of those, about 25% actually ended up buying a home found using a mobile application. That’s not too surprising, since, when...

Google: 15 Years Old, and Catching Up To Mobile.

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On September 26th, Google turned 15 years old.  They celebrated by highlighting the release of the Hummingbird algorithm  and display adaptations for mobile.  The most important of those mobile changes is a new interface that SVP of search Amit Singhal describes as “cleaner and...

Cards Are the Future of the Web – And SavvyCards Are the Present of Cards.

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Paul Adams of Intercom posted recently about the rising prevalence of the ‘card’ as a design metaphor as the internet develops to accommodate mobile paradigms. He points out that Twitter has adapted its interface to allow cards to display with summaries of links, while sites like...

SavvyPhone, LLC launches SavvyCard™, an online digital business card and responsive “micro-site” publishing system, at SxSWi

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Friday, March 9th, 2012 – SxSWi, Austin, TX – SavvyPhone, LLC, an innovative developer of web publishing platforms, today announced the public launch of SavvyCardTM, a free, online business card that offers powerful brand control and significant customization options. SavvyCards...