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SavvySigns™ Launches in its First Market: North Carolina’s Triad MLS

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What is SavvySigns? SavvySigns™ is a simple text-back system (Text HOME to 72889) that generates more leads from an Agent’s “For Sale” sign and keep customers from being “hijacked” by listing portals. Watch this video and read the official press release to learn more. SavvySigns...

SAVVYCARD® ANNOUNCEMENT: “Contact Agent” Enhancements on Property SavvyCards

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We are always looking for ways to make the SavvyCard® platform more powerful and easier to use in order to help you generate and connect with leads, engage your leads with valuable content, and convert those leads to customers. Today we’re excited to announce a series of...

How to Build a $3M Rolodex

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Calculating What a Rolodex is Worth According to a recent Gartner study, every person in your address book is potentially worth $1,000 in future business value. If you have 3,000 contacts, that means your rolodex (or whatever digital equivalent you use) could be worth $3,000,000....

SAVVYCARD® ANNOUNCEMENT: Share Message Templates make sharing SavvyCards faster and easier!

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We’re excited to announce an enhancement to the SavvyCard Share function that will make it faster and easier than ever for you to share your SavvyCards to prospects, leads, and customers. This new feature, which is being rolled out exclusively to our SavvyCard for Real Estate...

SAVVYCARD® ANNOUNCEMENT: SellerShare™ launches to enable agents to generate warm leads through client relationships

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We are excited to announce a new feature to help you leverage your home sellers’ Facebook presence to drive potential buyers (and sellers!) to your Property SavvyCards. Plus, you’ll be building brand awareness and getting your name out in front of more people! SavvyCard’s new...

What’s easy, quick, cost-effective and generates high-quality leads for real estate agents? SavvyCard® + Facebook

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Don’t Leave Money On the Table It’s true. If you’re a real estate Agent and have a SavvyCard® and aren’t using it on social media sites like Facebook to market yourself and your listings, you’re literally allowing leads to pass you by. (If...