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Generate leads for your home services business by putting REALTORS®, their customers, their network of contacts and other participating service providers to work for you.

As a member of the Find Services™ Program, your company will get a SavvyCard for Small Business™ account and an exclusive listing in a Home Services Directory located on the SavvyCard for Agents™ social marketing tool used by REALTORS® in your area, their customers and their business partners. Plus, you'll be linked to the SavvyCards® of other participating Service Providers in the program. You'll be at everyone's fingertips whenever they need your services!

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An army of REALTORS® are out there using their Home Services Directory to source providers for their real estate deals. And, they're sharing the Directory - and trusted partners in it - to their customers, friends, family and business contacts. In turn, those people are sharing the Directory to their own contacts. Plus, the Home Services Directory is marketed directly to consumers in your service area. Simply put, if you are not in the Home Services Directory, you are missing out on all these lead generation opportunities!


REALTORS® will share the Home Services Directory with people who are ready to purchase your services. And because you are perceived as a trusted resource, these people are far more likely to convert into a sale for you then someone who is picking your name from an Internet search result and doing cost comparisons.


Besides the high brand value generated by Find Services consumer advertising, you'll have the opportunity to boost your lead conversion rate every time your information is shared. Whenever someone shares your information, you'll receive a notification so you can follow up with recipients immediately. Proactive outreach impresses a lot of people, builds trust, and starts your relationship off on the right foot.


Over 70% of web searches will happen on a mobile device this year. If you don’t have a mobile plan in place, you are losing out on a significant amount of business. It's a good thing then, that SavvyCards were designed for easy mobile use. Simply having and using a SavvyCard will increase business through the mobile web.


Google loves mobile content that people engage with regularly, and your business's SavvyCard - which is included with your participation in the Find Services program - is an easy-to-use and valuable social marketing tool that was designed to be shared and visited repeatedly. The more you use and share it, the higher Google will rank it. In fact, many service providers find that their SavvyCards perform better than their web sites and end up using their SavvyCard as their premier online presence. Active users see their SavvyCard rank higher than most of their other listings on big sites, including Yelp, Google+, Facebook, HomeAdvisor and Linked In.

As a Find Services Provider, You'll Enjoy:

    The Find Services Program limits the number of providers in each service category so people are presented with only a few choices, which means more leads for each company! Be sure to reserve your spot before your competition does!

    The Home Services Directory will be advertised to consumers in your area via a mix of advertising channels like direct mail, online advertising programs, and email marketing campaigns. You benefit from thousands of dollars of advertising each month that'll drive leads for your company.

    The Find Services Program will hold networking and social events exclusively for Program participants. Enjoy food, drink, and excellent company, and get to know other REALTORS® and other providers to get more referral leads.

    SavvyCard's knowledgable Customer Success Specialists will walk you through using your SavvyCard for Small Business™ web app so you get value from the product above and beyond the Find Services program. They'll also train you on how to use the Home Services Directory to prospect for new business.

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