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Convert mobile visitors. Get leads from social media. Attract local customers. Generate referrals.

A SavvyCard is a mobile website and application - but it comes without the cost, time and headaches usually associated with having either! SavvyCards are easy to create - less than 15 minutes - and ready to use immediately. Raise awareness of your product or service, generate more online leads (especially on Social Media) and keep customers coming back!

SavvyCard for Business


Your SavvyCard is designed to be mobile friendly, not just for your customers and prospects, but for Google, which will rank your SavvyCard higher in search results. That means more people will find you when searching on their mobile devices, which equates to more leads and business for you. You can also use your SavvyCard as a landing page for online and traditional advertising. Directing prospects to your very own branded mobile web app is impressive, and makes new people feel confident about purchasing from you.


SavvyCards can be shared on the most popular social media sites, so you can take advantage of powerful word-of-mouth advertising from friends, families and current customers. With the click of a button, you - or anyone else - can post your SavvyCard online and tell people in their trusted networks why they should be working with you instead of the competition.


SavvyCards aggregate and store information that's important to your customer, all in one place. Want to communicate helpful seasonal tips and tricks? No problem. Want prospects to compare your pricing to others? No problem. Want prospects to read your fabulous customer reviews? No problem. Whatever content you use to sell your company can easily be added to your SavvyCard. This valuable content creates "stickiness" meaning it will attract loyal customers and prospects and increases sales.


SavvyCards make it easy to pass contact information to another person, so it's easy to generate referrals. They can be shared by text, email or social media, and can be appended to advertising, both traditional and online. Every time a referral (or "share") takes place, the system notifies you immediately and gives you the recipient's contact information, so you can follow-up in real-time, increasing your chance of closing the sale.

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