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Reach more customers, win more listings, get more referrals, simplify your marketing and save time so you can do more real estate-ing.

SavvyCard® for Real Estate is a cloud-based lead development platform. It aggregates valuable real estate tools and content that real estate agents use to inexpensively generate new leads through their existing networks and Social Media platforms like Facebook.

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SavvyCards are essentially powerful mobile websites with integrated IDX, and require zero maintenance and attention. Plus, unlike major search portals, they contain no competitive advertising. Every property search done from your SavvyCard returns results with only YOUR contact information included. Any new customer leads generated off your SavvyCard come straight to you.


Did you know real estate content is a favorite with Social Media users? SavvyCard makes it super simple to take advantage of all that interest and generate leads for yourself and your listings on social media platforms like Facebook. Simply tap the "Share" button and push your Agent or Property SavvyCard to your social media account of choice. That's it. SavvyCard takes care of everything, including making sure your posting looks great, too.


SavvyCards have a built in "Share" button that makes referring you - or your listings - to another person simple and quick. Simply tap a button, write up a quick message, and Presto! You're marketing yourself and your properties to your network with a single tap. Better yet, they can do the same through their networks, too! SavvyCard takes care of everything, including reporting contact information for every share made through your share button.


"I was one of four REALTORS® being considered as a Listing Agent for a property," states JoAnn M., a successful luxury real estate agent. "I used my Property SavvyCard as a differentiator and won the listing because of the technology. I also use my SavvyCard to prospect for new buyers. Once a potential client sees my app and how it works, they're sold on using me instead of other agents."

SavvyCard for Real Estate includes:

Agent SavvyCard

Your Agent SavvyCard is a branded mobile web site/application for your business. It enables people to easily share and access your contact information and tracks referrals people make on your behalf.

Property SavvyCards

Property SavvyCards are branded mobile websites/applications that are auto-generated for every one of your listings. They include property description, features list, property photos, turn-by-turn driving directions, and more.

Integrated IDX Search

An integrated mobile-friendly IDX search comes on every Agent and Property SavvyCard. Your own listings are called out in a "Featured Listings" tab and presented first to viewers. Each listing is linked to its Property SavvyCard.

Custom Branding

SavvyCard's platform includes custom branding services so you can extend your brand in the local marketplace. This includes customized SavvyCard cover photos, backgrounds, phone home screen icons, and email signatures, too!

Push Button Social Media Shares

Easily push your branded Agent and Property SavvyCards to social media platforms, like Facebook, with a tap! SavvyCard automates marketing on Social Media platforms, and makes it easy to generate new leads.

Free Training & Support

Webinar and one-to-one trainings are available from SavvyCard. In trainings, you'll learn how easy SavvyCard is to use and get pro marketing tips for increasing the number of leads you generate.

Available Add-On Services:

Facebook Advertising

Get more leads from Facebook! SavvyCard's marketing experts will create, place and manage Facebook Lead Generation ads for you. They are designed to attract buyers as well as sellers and create a brand presence in your marketplace. Contact information is collected and reported back to you for follow-up and inclusion in your in-house list. And the best part: you don't have to do a thing!

Retargeting Advertising

Purchase retargeting ads to increase your brand equity in the marketplace! These ads are served to users who have viewed your Agent SavvyCards\ and remind them to act. They are served through traditional ad networks on popular sites throughout the web and help keep you and your brand front and center with current customers and prospect leads.


When you have questions or need help, you should be able to talk to a REAL human being. That's why SavvyCard uses live video streaming technologies to offer free training and support for all our Real Estate Agent users. Schedule your training for either a webinar or a one-to-one custom training with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Success Specialists. When your training is over, we'll also happily answer any questions you have about the product or real estate marketing in general, for as long as you use the product. How's that for Customer Care?

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