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SavvyCard® Announcement: Getting in to Your Customer’s Address Book Just Got Easier!

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We’re excited to announce a new SavvyCard feature that makes it even easier for your prospects and customers to save your contact information (including a link to your SavvyCard!) to their address books and contact lists. When your prospects and customers tap the Save button on...

SavvyCard Announcement: Sharing Your SavvyCard is Now Even Easier!

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We’re excited to announce changes to your SavvyCard that make it easier for you to share it with prospects, customers, and your referral network: We’ve combined the Share by Text and Share by Email options and removed less popular ways of sharing, including Introduce and QR Code....

Tech Issue: Sharing SavvyCard to Sprint and AT&T Temporarily Down

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Attention Savvy Users: We recently discovered an issue with sharing SavvyCards by text on the Sprint and AT&T Networks. When a user shares a card by text to a Sprint or AT&T number, the recipient either does not get the message, or receive a message with the word...