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Building Better Business Relationships

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Growing a small business was simpler in the past: Build a good product or offer a good service, come up with a catchy tagline, and advertise in the local newspaper. There were few other channels available to local businesses that successfully and inexpensively reached new...

How to Build a $3M Rolodex

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Calculating What a Rolodex is Worth According to a recent Gartner study, every person in your address book is potentially worth $1,000 in future business value. If you have 3,000 contacts, that means your rolodex (or whatever digital equivalent you use) could be worth $3,000,000....

Joyce Roberts Uses SellerShare™ to Generate High Quality Leads – In Minutes

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Jacksonville, Florida REALTOR® Joyce Roberts asked 1 home seller to share 1 property SavvyCard and generated thousands of SavvyCard views in just a few days! The share resulted in a bunch of inbound calls, which turned into new business for Joyce. Imagine if you did this with...