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Pinellas REALTOR® Organization and SavvyCard® announce RE-Target to solve industry-wide member communications problem.

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"RE-Target™ improves member communications by delivering relevant content at the right time, to the right audience based on their anticipated needs ..."

Real Estate Agent Shocked When 200 people Show Up at Open House

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Broker/Owner and REALTOR® Rebecca Lynch usually gets a handful of attendees to her open houses in rural North Carolina. So, when nearly 200 people attended her open house at 342 Old Westfield Road in Pilot Mountain, NC, she was amazed. Rebecca had used SavvyCard®, a member...

SavvyCard CEO David Etheredge Talks with Greg Robertson of Vendor Alley

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You know you’ve made it in real estate tech when you do a Pod Cast with Greg Robertson of Vendor Alley. And so, we’re elated to announce that our CEO, David Etheredge, has officially arrived. David recently sat down with Greg to record Listing Bits Episode...

Building Better Business Relationships

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Growing a small business was simpler in the past: Build a good product or offer a good service, come up with a catchy tagline, and advertise in the local newspaper. There were few other channels available to local businesses that successfully and inexpensively reached new...

How to Build a $3M Rolodex

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Calculating What a Rolodex is Worth According to a recent Gartner study, every person in your address book is potentially worth $1,000 in future business value. If you have 3,000 contacts, that means your rolodex (or whatever digital equivalent you use) could be worth $3,000,000....

Joyce Roberts Uses SellerShare™ to Generate High Quality Leads – In Minutes

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Jacksonville, Florida REALTOR® Joyce Roberts asked 1 home seller to share 1 property SavvyCard and generated thousands of SavvyCard views in just a few days! The share resulted in a bunch of inbound calls, which turned into new business for Joyce. Imagine if you did this with...