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SavvyCard® for Real Estate is a cloud-based lead development platform. It aggregates valuable real estate tools and content that real estate agents use to inexpensively generate new leads through their existing networks and Social Media platforms like Facebook.

SavvyCard for Groups - Brokerage Suite of Tools


With REALTOR® tools like digital business cards, sharable mobile websites for all your agents’ listings (Property SavvyCards), lead tracking, integrated IDX search, and more all bundled in one convenient package, your brokerage or team will be able to attract - and keep - top producing REALTORS® by addressing common technology pain points and making them more productive.


SavvyCard for Real Estate makes it easy to share your listings and agents to Social Media sites like Facebook to generate new leads. With the simple push of a button, you're marketing online. The system takes care of making the post look it's best, so all you have to do is write a quick word about what you're sharing. If that weren't simple enough, SavvyCard also offers fully managed Facebook Advertising services. All you need to do is be available to follow up on leads that come in, and that's it.


Consumers trust their REALTORs® most during their real estate experiences. SavvyCard always puts your brand front and center during all real estate transactions and recovers the customer relationship from 3rd party aggregators whose primary goal is to disintermediate you and your agents from the real estate process. Not only will more people be seeing your properties, agents and brand in the local marketplace, but you'll be protecting your business from competitive advertising on real estate search portals, too.


Lots of solutions claim to help you make money, but avid users of SavvyCard are the ones who tell us they're making 20-100% more with SavvyCard than they did prior to using it. It's a powerful solution that puts everything you need at your fingertips, so you don't have to be a marketer, a web master, a copywriter, an ad traffic manager and all those other things that go into generating leads to be more successful. You simply have to be a great real estate agent and have the time to push a few buttons, and we take care of the rest.

SavvyCard for Real Estate includes:

Agent SavvyCards

A branded SavvyCard is deployed for every agent in your brokerage or team. This is a mobile-friendly “electronic business card” combined with a “mobile web site” that lets people easily share and access contact information and track referrals.

Property SavvyCards

Property SavvyCards are auto-generated for every one of your listings. They include property description, features list, property photos, and turn-by-turn driving directions. They can also include community information like school ratings and property value history.

Integrated IDX Search

An integrated IDX search comes on every Agent and Property SavvyCard inside the "Listings" button. Your own listings are called out in a "Featured Listings" tab so they're presented first to viewers. Each listing is linked to its Property SavvyCard.

Custom Branding

SavvyCard's platform includes white labeling services so you can extend your brand in the local marketplace. This includes customized SavvyCard cover photos, backgrounds, phone home screen icons, and email signatures, too!

Push Button Social Media Shares

SavvyCard enables your brokerage or team to push branded Agent and Property SavvyCards to social media platforms, like Facebook, at the touch of a button. This automates marketing real estate business and properties online, and makes it easy to generate new leads.

Agent Training & Support

Webinar and one-to-one trainings are available from SavvyCard. In trainings, you'll learn how easy SavvyCard is to use and get pro marketing tips for increasing your lead generation.

Available Agent Add-On Services:

Facebook Advertising

Purchase Facebook lead generation ad creation, placement and management services from SavvyCard! Facebook Lead Gen ads are created using Property SavvyCards and are designed to attract buyers as well as sellers. Contact information is collected and reported back to you for follow-up and inclusion in your in-house list.

Retargeting Advertising

Purchase retargeting ads to increase your brand equity in the marketplace! These ads are served to users who have viewed your Agents' SavvyCards and remind them to act. They are served through traditional ad networks on popular sites throughout the web and help keep your Agents front and center with customers and prospects.

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“SavvyCard turns my agents into “Go To” resources for all our clients, particularly post-sale. That equates to more business through stronger client relationships. I was so impressed with SavvyCard, I invested in the company.”

Rick Brown, Owner, RE/MAX Metro; Investor, SavvyCard