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SavvyCard® for Associations is a web-based software platform that aggregates REALTOR® tools and interconnects your staff, your members, their property listings, service providers and real estate buyers and sellers to create a mobile-friendly, social marketing ecosystem that makes it easy to do business better – all while making you money.

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Use SavvyCard to attract new REALTOR® members by offering tools to address common pain points, like lead generation and tracking. Attract new affiliate members through the SavvyCard Find Services Program, an online directory of service providers in your area that are connected to every one of your agents. This program can help you grow your affiliate membership by adding lots of new affiliate members to your association (and SavvyCard does all the sales)!


Revenue share with SavvyCard on deployments of upgraded products for Brokerages and Individuals, Find Services sales, and optional service upgrades. Your SavvyCard program could even become revenue neutral (or positive!) in as little as a year or less.


SavvyCard’s real estate functions (like integrated MLS search) help REALTORS® generate more leads, get more referrals, win more listings, make more sales and stay top-of-mind with their customers, even into the future. A top broker realized over $1M in sales (that she attributed to her SavvyCard) within 30 days of her SavvyCard deployment.


Consumers trust their REALTOR® most when looking to buy or sell a home and finding good service vendors to maintain it over the years. The SavvyCard program puts the REALTOR®‘s brand front and center in all transactions.

SavvyCard for Associations includes:


SavvyCards for every association member and for association staff. This is a mobile-optimized, shareable “electronic business card” combined with a “mobile web site” that lets people easily share and access contact information and track referrals.

Property SavvyCards

Property SavvyCards for members’ listings. For every member who has an upgraded SavvyCard Pro account, mobile friendly Property SavvyCards are auto generated for each listing they have in the MLS, and direct buyers to that listing REALTOR®.

Listings Button

Listings Button on every member’s SavvyCard. This provides a robust MLS search (mobile optimized, of course) and direct links to the REALTOR®’s featured Property SavvyCards (if they have an upgraded SavvyCard Pro account).

Text Back Codes

SavvyCodesTM Text Back Codes that allow users to easily get information on their phones. For example “Text PRO to 72889” delivers the Pinellas REALTOR® Organization SavvyCard to a user through which they can find PRO REALTORS®, properties and service providers.

REALTOR® Directory

REALTOR® Directory searchable by buyers and sellers on mobile and online. This directory helps customers find REALTORS® with specialties in particular areas; types of property, languages, or other specialized criteria.

Find Services Directory

A local home services directory with over 50 categories and a limited number of paid provider/affiliate listings in each category. It is accessible via a “Find Services” button on the front of all REALTOR® member SavvyCards. Revenue generated by this program is shared with your Association. SavvyCard sells and populates the directory for you.

Training Services and Marketing Support

Training Services & Marketing Support to help your members get the most out of their SavvyCards.

Concierge Services

Concierge Services for members including customization of their SavvyCard, training sessions and videos, and Property SavvyCard generation.

Send to Mobile™ API

Send to Mobile™ API, an integration of a user’s current website that will send a SavvyCard via text message to their phones when prompted.

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