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Turn your workforce and data into revenue by deploying a purpose-built, proprietary SavvyCard® solution for your industry.

Our flexible lead development platform enables enterprise organizations to customize their SavvyCard solution with industry or need-specific tools and data that monetize the relationships between sales person, customer, and enterprise. With SavvyCard, your organization can increase ROI on sales efforts, automatically capture customer data, automate marketing efforts, and motivate sales teams.

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With SavvyCard, you create a direct information pipeline to the prospect, so both the enterprise and the sales person can offer "sticky" content and encourage regular interaction. The result? Better CAC and ROI.


Using SavvyCard, your sales force automatically captures customer contact info with every social interaction, even if they don't personally enter the contact information into your enterprise's CRM. Should a sales person choose to leave your company, their rolodex stays behind, too.


Automatically initiate email drip campaigns, retargeting programs, review & ratings programs, referral programs, coupon & loyalty programs, and other automated outreach to increase customer conversion and retention.


Because SavvyCard's system tracks and records exactly how many times an individual sales person is making contact with new business prospects, you can better manage and motivate sales people to perform against sales goals.

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