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Increase ROI on lead generation by tracking salesforce activity, collecting contact data, and generating warm referrals.

The SavvyCard platform allows your organization to deploy SavvyCard mobile web apps for every staff member, including your sales force or membership. Each SavvyCard contains functionality that facilitates social and business transactions with your customers and prospects, captures and reports contact information, and makes it easy for your business to understand which staff members are creating the greatest value for your organization.

SavvyCard for Business


Gain visibility into who is doing most for your organization by monitoring their SavvyCard usage. Learn who is creating and fostering valuable new customer relationships, and who is not. Use this new monitoring ability to reward superstars, cull non-performers, and motivate sales teams for increased sales efficiency.


Using SavvyCard, your organization automatically captures customer contact info every time your members hand out their SavvyCards, even if they don't personally enter the contact information into your enterprise's CRM. Should a member choose to leave your company, their rolodex stays behind, too.


SavvyCards make it easy to pass contact information to another person. They can be shared by text, email or social media, and can be appended to advertising, both traditional and online. And, every time a referral (or "share") takes place, the system notifies the SavvyCard owner and gives them pertinent contact information, so they can follow-up in real time and increase the chance of a sale.


Aggregate and store important information for your members and customers in easy-to-use digital repositories present on each individual SavvyCard. Need to compare product specs quickly? No problem. Need to compare pricing? No problem. Valuable content creates "stickiness", enhances loyalty with customers and prospects, and increases conversions.


Your SavvyCard for Business solution comes as a white labeled product, so every member of your organization, all your current customers, and all you prospects see your branding every time they use SavvyCard to interact with your people or company.

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