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SavvyCard® Announcement: Additional Functionality for Saving Contact Info to Your Address Books

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We’re excited to announce several new SavvyCard features that bridge your SavvyCard with your address books and contact lists.  When you enter information to share your SavvyCard to a prospect or customer, you now have several options for moving that information quickly and...

SavvyCard® Announcement: Getting in to Your Customer’s Address Book Just Got Easier!

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We’re excited to announce a new SavvyCard feature that makes it even easier for your prospects and customers to save your contact information (including a link to your SavvyCard!) to their address books and contact lists. When your prospects and customers tap the Save button on...

SavvyCard® Announcement: New Overlays Make Using SavvyCard Even Easier!

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We’re excited to announce a new and improved version of the Instructional Overlay that displays the first time a customer views your SavvyCard! While we previously displayed instructions for your customers to save your SavvyCard, we now provide a brief overview of the card’s...

Do This One Thing Before Moving

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(Brought to you by the Space Coast Association or REALTORS®) Are you moving into or out of the Space Coast area of Florida? If so, before you move, make sure you do this one, simple thing: Hire a great moving company. You can save money, as well as time and hassle. Hiring a...

What’s Free, Fun & a Fantastic Way to Get New Business?

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Why, Find Services Happy Hours (sponsored by Space Coast Association of REALTORS®), of course! SavvyCard® is happy to announce that we’ll be working with Space Coast Association of REALTORS® to host their very first Find Services Happy Hour. What: January Find Services...

Protected: 5 Important Things You Should Know About Home Insurance Premiums

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Sales Leads: Converting them is even more important than getting them!

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In business, getting leads is only half the battle. The other half is converting those leads into loyal, paying customers who think of you whenever they need your services, and who refer you to other people when asked if they know any good companies that do what you do. If you...

SavvyCard Announcement: Sharing Your SavvyCard is Now Even Easier!

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We’re excited to announce changes to your SavvyCard that make it easier for you to share it with prospects, customers, and your referral network: We’ve combined the Share by Text and Share by Email options and removed less popular ways of sharing, including Introduce and QR Code....

Think you got what it takes to work at SavvyCard?

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Then we want to hear from you! At SavvyCard, we pride ourselves on being a people-focused company. We care deeply about our customers. Not in an “Oh, we need customers to be successful,” sort of way, but in an “Our customers are the most important people in the...

$500 for Space Coast REALTOR® Who Uses Find Services the Most!

If someone gave you $500 extra dollars this November, what would you do with it? Breathe a little easier paying bills over the Holidays? Stash it away in a savings account? Invest it? Buy yourself something special? Whatever you’d choose to do with it, SavvyCard® is really...