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SavvyCard’s mission is to create and monetize aligned relationships between businesses, their sales forces and consumers through deployment of intelligent, web-based content and technologies.

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Victims of the App-Splosion

Technology can be complex. A typical business professional manages dozens of sales, marketing & productivity tools and a typical customer interacts with many different marketing programs, websites & applications to make a decision on significant purchases, like a home or a car. This has led to an “app-splosion”, where people choose from literally thousands of different tools to meet their professional and personal needs.

Managing all these apps can be annoying and downright difficult. Users have to constantly update and tweak their apps as operating systems change and new functionality and technology is released. And companies usually don't have the resources or expertise to develop technology solutions for their customers, so technology disruptors often see opportunities and seize them (think Expedia and travel agents, or Zillow and real estate agents).

SavvyCard® is the Solution

SavvyCard® is a platform for creating and managing intelligent, mobile web assets that create leads, convert sales and retain customers. We combine valuable tools and information that business professionals and their clients need into one, easy-to-use interface. By using SavvyCards, businesses can track employee and customer behavior, measurably increase revenue and productivity, and provide a simpler and more efficient customer experience.

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